What is a Dark Worker?

What is a Dark Worker?

People are often known to be lightworkers which are people that bring light into the world, but what are darkworkers? Some wonder if they are evil.

When you look at the difference between lightworking and darkworking you need to understand that this is a power that people have. Darkworkers are similar to lightworkers but the difference is how they use their energy. Darkworkers will use their energy inward and lightworkers will leave their energy inside to help heal. There is a push and pull and there is an action and reaction to all things.

When you look at darkworkers, you have to know that they can be destructive. They drain other people of their emotions and their powers and even if they are doing good, it will harm people along the way.

Darkworker Thinking

There are different ways that you can look at things in your life, and you have to know what your conscious feelings are. Do you feel that people that eat animal meat are bad because the animal had to suffer just so you could eat?

Others feel that eating animals is okay while some feel it is immoral. This is one thing that changes the way that people look at things.

Eating animals can be seen as natural because animals are a lower life form. Men often eat animals so that they can enjoy them but what about all the millions or billions of animals that have to suffer?  If an animal tastes good, it might not be bad, but they also cannot defend themselves.

People can see the differences in all of these things, and it is a matter of attitude that you have towards yourself and the animal.

The same is with a lightworker. They look at people to get their energy so that they can feel better and that they can reach their own goals. They take away the goals and the emotions of other people around them so that they can have pleasure.

Some people do not believe that there are people like this but when you see that people can be cruel, you can see that there are different feelings.

People do not often have a strong feeling of eating animals or not eating them and they will eat whatever they have to eat. If you ask them if they like animals being treated badly, they will tell you that they don’t, but they will still eat them.

People see things different in their actions and some believe things are wrong like lying but they do it anyways. They have never taken time to see how others should be treated and if they would, they would feel better.

People that are lightworkers and darkworkers are different in their extremes. They have strong emotions but the lightworker goes for positive things but the darkworker goes to the extreme in negative things. You have to have common sense in what you do and how you treat others.

People experience things with morality differently and when you are selfish, you might limit yourself to know when you are taking power over other people. People that are strong and powerful are able to show love and fear but sometimes people can only show one.

Conscious Thinking

Most people are socially taught that hurting other people to gain something is evil. A darkworker does not believe this and they feel that when they hurt others that they are just making a sacrifice. This helps them to have more personal gain and to be stronger and they don’t consider others.

The hardest things for a darkworker is that they are not accepted into society. They try to reach their goals and they have a hard time because they are not honest about what they are doing.

There are people on the earth that act like that and they want power more than they want to be with others or to have people in their life.

Darkworkers do not feel bad for how they treat others and if they get caught, they hate to be caught but they will not say that they have done anything wrong. They will not feel bad for who they are, and they will compete with people to meet their goals.

Darkworkers have freedom to express themselves and they often won’t do this with people they don’t know but only people close to them.

Are They Evil?

A darkworker is often looked at as evil because they are seen from different perspective. A darkworker might see that they are doing what is best to reach their highest good while others feel that they are evil because they hurt people along the way.

A darkworker might not believe that they have chosen to be evil, and they just feel that they are having qualities that give them freedom and power and that being around others makes them stupid. They often are the ones that play the bad guys in the game of life.

The darkworker cares about their own conscious and they do not tend to care what other people feel.

Being a Good or Bad Guy

Being a darkworker is a choice that people make. They can make the decision to help or hurt people. When you commit to being a good person, you can have power in your life.

Your life is the story that you choose it to be. You can be good, or you can be bad. You can love people, or you can push people away or have hate for them.

As the lightworkers grow stronger and increase, the darkworkers have less places on the planet to share their darkness.

If you choose to be a good person over a bad person, you need to know that you should have mercy and love for people. Do not let other people suffer because of what you want in your life and learn to serve and be the good-hearted person that you can be.


  1. This article presents a nuanced perspective on the concepts of lightworkers and darkworkers. I appreciate the depth of analysis regarding the ethical dilemmas they pose, especially the comparison with the morality of eating animals. It’s fascinating how the article delves into the complexities of human consciousness and the choices we make based on our inherent nature.

    • I agree with your assessment, Chris74. The exploration of darkworkers challenges the conventional dichotomy of good and evil by providing a broader context. It is enlightening to see how individuals rationalize their actions, whether for personal gain or broader societal impact.

  2. What an insightful read! The discourse on lightworkers and darkworkers offers a compelling reflection on human behavior and morality. It encourages readers to introspect and consider how their actions affect others, consciously or unconsciously. This deep dive into the psychological motivations behind being a ‘darkworker’ was particularly thought-provoking.