Use Your Spiritual Gifts to the Fullest

spiritual gifts

Do you have a spiritual gift that you know about, and you feel that it helps you and it can help others around you? Or you might be someone that doesn’t really understand your gifts and you need someone to help you figure them out. You might even have a clue about having a gift, but you might have been afraid of it but now you want to get past your fear and see where your gifts can take you. You might even have a feeling that you might be a psychic, medium or a healer.

No matter what you believe in and no matter what gifts that you think you have, know that your heart has something that can help you to better yourself and to increase your gifts. You can figure out how to open up your gifts and share them with people and things around you.

You can decide that you are going to fully embrace your psychic gifts, or you can go slow. Some people decide that they want to just jump all in even though it is scary. If you work at a job that helps you to have things that you need, you can use your gifts at your job or you can maybe find a different job that embraces your gifts even better.

Here are some jobs that you might want to do if you are a psychic:

Being a Healer

If you are someone that is a healer, you might want to go into the healthcare industry and try jobs such as:

• Doctor.
• Nursing.
• Dietician.
• Yoga teacher.
• Health coach.
• Teacher.
• Minister.
• Counselor.
• Massage therapist.
• Energy healer.
• Reiki healer.
• Personal trainer.


If you are an empath, here are some jobs that you might like:

• Hospitality.
• Counselor.
• Social worker.
• Lawyer.
• Management job.

Find a job that gives you energy and doesn’t drain you.


Being a medium means that you can connect with spirits in a different realm. You might want to find a job that lets you practice this gift. You can do this as a hospice worker or someone that is a doula. You might also want to do other jobs such as:

• Teacher.
• Counselor.
• Relationship coach.
• Gardener.

Finding Your Purpose

Do you ever wonder what your purpose is? If so, figure out what you think your psychic gifts are and talk to a psychic. A psychic can help you to learn to increase your gifts and to live your best life. This way, you can help yourself and others as you embrace the gifts that you were given.


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