Signs You Are Clairsentient

Signs You Are Clairsentient

Clairsentient is when you can get information by feeling something or sensing something.  Do you believe you have this gift?  Do you sense things that you do not know?  Sometimes, you can tune into certain energy and figure out the situation that is happening just by your feelings.

Clairsentience is a sense that you have when you feel energy that is like you physically touch it but there is nothing there.  This is an ability that tunes with your heart and your energy so that you can understand and feel things.

How to Know if You Have This Gift

As with other gifts, you can develop the gift of clairsentient.  Most people get information through clairsentience and do not even realize that they have this gift.

People are sometimes confused and label their intuition as a hunch and a feeling but if you practice and focus on this gift, you can even increase it.

Signs You Are Clairsentient

  1. You are sensitive to people and the energy that is around you.
  2. You get overly excited when you are places that violence took place.
  3. When you go to a room you can tell if people are having fun or if there is a problem.
  4. You know when there is a light feeling.
  5. You know what people are like right when you meet them.
  6. It is easy to relate to other people.
  7. You get chills when you see truth.
  8. You can feel spirits around you.
  9. You “feel” things rather than know them.
  10. You can read people.
  11. You get sick when there is negative around you.
  12. Angels can make you feel light and happy.
  13. You notice when the temperature changes, but you don’t know why.
  14. You smell strong things and energies.
  15. You sense when people are unhappy or angry.
  16. You get tingly in your head.
  17. You know if someone is in the room with you even if there isn’t.
  18. You think people in your life should know what you are feeling.
  19. You feel that people touch you or brush you.
  20. You get a weird sensation when there is no reason for it.
  21. You change moods depending on someone you have talked to.
  22. You are experiencing uplifting feelings.
  23. You know when someone is lying.

Do You Really Have Clairsentience?

Your feelings can help to manifest through clairsentience.  If you get a sinking feeling or feel dread and you don’t know why, you might want to skip out on what you were going to do. If you feel excited and joyful when you are around someone, it could be because they feel that way too.

You don’t have to act on your feelings, but you will learn to not ignore them because they can bring warning to you.  Listen to your clairsentient information.

This is more than just energy; you might have symptoms and you might be able to validate why you are having chills or why you are having a stomach feelings.  The hair might stand up on your arms or you might get a good vibration.

This is a Gift

Sensing energy is a gift.  You might have an inner feeling or know something is going to happen even though you can’t verify it at the moment.

Clairsentience lets you communicate with the spirit world such as angels or other souls.

This allows you to see auras and guides you.  Clairvoyance is also another gift of clear seeing and is more celebrated than clairsentience.  You might be able to feel the energy of different things.

Clairsentience is part of being empathetic to others and to be able to feel their emotions.  Clairsentience uses your inner feelings through your body to give you information and increase your awareness.  You need to learn to listen and follow your heart.

People sometimes think they have no psychic abilities and that things are stuck in their mind. This isn’t true.  You need to learn to be quiet and to be aware of what you are feeling.  You need to recognize your abilities and try to understand them.

Awareness is natural and if you practice it and write in your journal then you will be able to interpret your senses.

Pay attention to these feelings and ask your angels to help you and to interpret your clairsentience.

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