Psychic Abilities We Are Born With But Ignore

Psychic Abilities

The human mind, and often the body, is born with untapped potential that is often lost in the skepticism of life. Even though everyone is born with these powers, no one really wants to tap into them, so denial takes them away into hiding. We can reignite or at least identify these gifts in our lives, but first we must know what they are, so a list has been included below.

Inner Voice

Think of the prophets of old like Jesus, Zarathustra, and Muhammad, who each found what they searched for through an inner voice that also spoke through them. This was the voice of God that resonated deep within their souls. Each of us has an inner voice that will help us if we will only listen.

Inner Peace

If we learn to zone out distractions, we can find our truest potential deep within. This is a place of peace and happiness in solitude.


Being able to hold your breath has an impact on the nervous system. By holding your breath and slowly releasing it a bit at a time, the body begins to lighten and relax. This also helps us enjoy water more as we can submerse in it. This is also known as controlled breathing.


Gazing is part of telepathic communication that humans possess. Stare at someone long enough and they will feel the look. At times, someone you have gazed at will also answer a thought you may be having. This is the ability making itself known.

Non-Verbal Communication

Deep within our hearts we all speak the same language. We can understand one another without words in many cases. This is highly true with soulmate, twin flames, and those deeply in love.


Charity is extoled in every religion and joy is found in acts of giving. Giving to those in need changes our perceptions of the planet in a positive way.


Our mental faculties can be used to make a decision when it is needed due to the feeling that calls out from us. This is most often our guardian spirit sending that feeling, but it can be highly useful in complex dilemmas that offer you two choices that are both good and/or important.


Positivity can come from someone laughing. Humor can heal in many ways if we allow ourselves to laugh and enjoy.


Using our creative abilities can be highly satisfactory. There is spiritual energy created when we use creativity.


Meditation is something all can do. Life can be made peaceful and calm through this simple act.


  1. What a wonderfully insightful piece! The exploration of human potential through practices such as controlled breathing, gazing, and meditation is both thought-provoking and empowering. I especially appreciate the discussion on non-verbal communication and generosity, as these are crucial yet often overlooked aspects of our interconnectedness. This article serves as an excellent reminder of how tuning into our intrinsic abilities can lead to a more fulfilled and harmonious life. A highly inspiring read that I will certainly revisit!

  2. This article is a profound reminder of the latent abilities we possess, encouraging us to delve deeper into our own selves to rediscover these gifts. Highlighting the importance of inner voice and peace, it beautifully ties ancient wisdom with modern understanding. The notion of reconnecting with our inner voice, much like the prophets mentioned, is particularly inspiring. Additionally, the emphasis on breathing techniques and meditation is a practical guide to enhancing our daily lives. Truly enlightening read!