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In recent years, it’s become more and more common for people to attempt to obtain money and wealth using the “Law of Attraction.” But sometimes, it seems like the only people that are able to attract money are the ones who are trying to tell other people how to. But here are some proven manifestation techniques.

Tarot Spells

Magic attempting to attract money is based loosely on spell work. People try different ways to manipulate the deposit of money into their personal bank accounts. The best results are obtained when focusing on objects such as tarot cards. With this method, it’s common to be able to manifest small sums of money, such as finding loose change, a small lottery win, or an online gift voucher.

Try out this easy tarot money spell yourself. Pick a quiet time in which you know that you will not be bothered.

Pull the Empress and the Nine and Ace of Pentacles cards from the deck. Set aside the remaining cards. Breathe deeply and close your eyes. Imagine briefly that you’re rich, and that money just has a way of flowing towards you. Let these feelings permeate your being.

Now, open your eyes and focus on the Empress card. The Empress brings sustenance and comfort. The card represents fertility and growth. Take some time to absorb the Empress’ energy. Rest in the knowledge that she’ll care for you.

Next, focus on the Ace of Pentacles card. This card represents surprises, gifts, and projects related with finances. Take some time and let the card weave magic over your being.

Next, focus on the Nine of Pentacles card. This woman has unlimited time to do whatever she wants to. She’s wealthy, financially independent and basking in all of her money and riches. Spend some time considering what you’d do if money was not an issue for you any longer.

Finally, close your eyes again. Breathe deeply  and say to yourself, “I’m open to receiving abundance. As I have spoken, so it shall be.”

That’s all there is to it. You can put away your cards! You can repeat this tarot money spell once a day for as long as you’d like to. You could also try to pull other cards during the spell that represent comfort, such as the Nine and the Ten of Cups, or the Ten and the Queen of Pentacles. Try it out and see if money begins to flow to you in ways you weren’t expecting before.

Creative Visualization

If there is something specific that you need a certain amount of money for, try this creative visualization technique.

Close your eyes and visualize the desired item as if you already posses it, are using it and are loving it. Don’t worry about the cost of the item right now. Just own the item. Enjoy the feeling that your life is better now that you have the desired item in your possession.

Continue by keeping your eyes closed, and focused on the visualization that you have the item. Now lightly tap your left pinky with the fingers of your right hand for at least five deep breaths. Then repeat the tapping using your left-hand fingers on your right-hand pinky.

End the visualization process with the continuing sense that the desired item is already yours. Repeat this visualization technique two times every day until the item you desire is manifested for you.


Some view tithing in a negative way because of its religious associations. But there are ways to tithe without getting sidetracked by such controversy. Some people tithe to themselves, convinced that it aids the ease of the flow of money towards them.

To tithe to yourself, try opening multiple small savings accounts, or using envelopes or money jars. Every time you receive money, divide 10 percent of it among your chosen collection method. You may label them to help keep you focused; use category headings like “vacation,” “gifts” and “dream car.”

Moving money into those accounts can give a deep feeling of satisfaction that you’re doing something good for yourself and for others. You’ll likely be pleasantly surprised how quick the accounts build up. This will help ease any guilt you might feel when spending the money, because you’ll know it will quickly grow back again.

Energized Water

Do you ever think about why holy water is holy? Or, why some springs are considered to have healing powers? People have been viewing water in these ways for thousands upon thousands of years. It’s possible to infuse water with positive energy and vibrations, and to then use that water to make improvements in your health and other areas of your life.

It’s a simple method. Pour yourself a glass of water. It’s preferred to use spring or filtered water, but tap water will work fine, too. Place your hands around the glass, and use an abbreviated version of the above visualization exercise to focus your mind on what you’re desiring. Visualize positive waves of energy flowing out of your hands and through the structure of the glass right into the water. Then, breathe deeply and slowly drink the energized water.

The method would also work with a larger vessel of water, such as a water cooler or a filtering jug. As you energize the water, speak or think phrases such as “Abundance will flow into this home” and “Wealth will flow into this home.” The energy will affect anyone who drinks the water.

Positive Speaking and Thinking

This method is a bit more difficult. Nobody is able to be positive, happy and bubbly all the time; that’s just not how most people are wired. And it’s possible to say positive words but to feel awful while saying them. To make the method work, you need to stop blocking the flow of positive energy with your negative thoughts and words. You need to train yourself to always think and speak positively.

This method involves vigilance in your thoughts and words every day. Take note when you speak words that are anti-abundance. For example, instead of saying, “I’ll never be able to afford that,” try saying, “I plan to have that very soon.” Or, when you notice tasks that need doing or furniture that’s worn, try telling yourself, “The new things are already on their way here.”

Even if your financial situation doesn’t immediately improve, you should feel a definite lightening of the atmosphere about your home. You’ll be spending much less time worrying, and much more time relaxing and enjoying life.

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  1. This article provides a fascinating insight into the power of manifestation techniques. The tarot spell section particularly intrigued me, and I can see how visualizing and focusing energy could truly alter one’s financial landscape. I’m excited to try out these methods and observe any changes in my own life. The blend of practical steps with mystical elements is both refreshing and empowering.

  2. I found this piece incredibly uplifting and full of practical advice that can be easily incorporated into daily routines. The concept of energized water was particularly eye-opening for me. With its historical and cultural significance, it’s simple yet profound. The structured approach to tithing also offers a disciplined method to manage and grow one’s finances. These techniques collectively present a holistic way to invite positivity and abundance into one’s life. Kudos to the author for such a well-rounded and enlightening article!