Listening for Your Intuition to Talk

Intuition to Talk

Intuition is important for people because it helps to guide them and helps them to live a good life. Some people have their intuition inside of themselves and some even dream through their intuition. Other people will experience different feelings and thoughts in their mind and body rather this is a gut feeling or even an inner voice. People see intuition differently and there are ways that it can communicate with people differently.

Direct Intuition

Direct intuition means that it is a message that comes right to you. This happens when you know what your intuition is telling you through dreams or through even a voice.

Indirect Intuition

Indirect intuition is intuition that can come to you in a symbolic form. This can be a dream or a message that you are able to interpret. If you see something like a sign, you might interpret it and use indirect intuition to guide you and to give you a message.

Intuition will never give up on telling you the message that it is trying to get across to you. You just have to listen and hear what it is telling you.

Knowing Intuition in Your Life

There are different ways that people are able to decipher intuition, and this can come from your five senses of seeing, hearing, feeling, smelling and tasting. It can also come in different ways.

Intuitive Hearing

Intuitive hearing is often called being a clairaudient. This is a person that is able to hear things in the spiritual world. They can hear voices, or they can get messages through songs or through even other people.

Intuitive Seeing

This is sometimes called clairvoyance. This means that you are able to see things in the spirit world. You can see things in visions, or you might see signs with your third eye.

Intuitive Feeling

This can be called clairsentient. This means that you are able to pick up the thoughts and feelings of other people without knowing what they are feeling. This can give you information through your instincts.

Intuitive Smelling

This is when someone is able to smell something in the spirit world. They might smell the perfume of someone that has recently died.

Intuitive Tasting

Tasting is another thing that can happen in the spiritual world. If you have this gift of intuition then you might be able to taste a spirits favorite food.

Some people will never agree that these are gifts that exist while others embrace these gifts whole heartedly. People will call this intuition a sixth sense and it means that they are able to use their senses in the spiritual world.

Dreams and Intuition

There are many people that are able to use their dreams to get and give other people messages. These messages that come in dreams can come from the spiritual guides or from angels. Dreams are an important thing when it comes to intuition and a dream can be amazing and can tell of the past, present and future.

Intuition and Quiet

Intuition can develop and being quiet is a time that you can make this more powerful. Take time to meditate and take time to listen to music, be silent, go out in nature and even try journaling. When you do this, you can increase your intuition and you can see that your gifts are strong.

Once you learn to develop and listen to your intuition then you will see that you can be stronger in your life and in your gifts.

Final Thoughts

Intuition is exactly what you need when you want to be strong and when you want to live your best life. Intuition is a way that you can know things without someone telling you. No matter what kind of intuition that you have, you can use your five senses, your spiritual senses and more to get the answers that you need in your life.

Intuition will be there to guide you no matter what you are doing. Be open minded and listen.


  1. The way this article breaks down direct and indirect intuition is immensely insightful. Understanding that intuition can communicate through various symbols and signs helps demystify this often misunderstood phenomenon. The idea that our five senses can extend into the spiritual realm, offering guidance and wisdom, is both comforting and empowering. The practical advice on developing intuition through silence, nature, and journaling resonated deeply with me, and I believe it promises a pathway to a richer, more intuitive existence.

  2. This article encapsulates the multifaceted nature of intuition quite succinctly. It’s fascinating to see how intuition can manifest in diverse forms like clairaudience, clairvoyance, clairsentience, and even through sensory perceptions such as smelling and tasting. The emphasis on dreams as a conduit for intuitive messages is particularly enlightening, as it bridges the gap between the conscious and subconscious mind. I couldn’t agree more with the notion that enhancing one’s intuition through meditation and mindfulness can lead to a more fulfilling, insightful life.

  3. The emphasis on dreams and intuition is particularly intriguing. Dreams have long been regarded as a significant source of guidance and insight in various cultures, and it is valuable to see this aspect included.

  4. The concept of intuitive hearing, seeing, feeling, smelling, and tasting as part of the spiritual world aligns with many traditional and contemporary spiritual practices. It offers a holistic view of how intuition can manifest in different sensory experiences.

  5. The distinction between direct and indirect intuition as described is quite insightful. It makes sense that intuition can communicate in different forms, whether through a clear message or symbolic interpretation.

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