Landing Your Dream Job


Do you really and truly love your job? Or would you prefer a higher salary, a better balance between your work life and your personal life, or a job that’s a better fit for your skill set? Do you wonder what it is that you’re meant to do with the rest of your life? Here are five tips that may help you as you embark on the journey to land your dream job.

  1. Set Goals

The first step to landing your dream job is to set goals that are realistic and achievable. No successful person has blossomed without a plan. You wouldn’t take a long journey without an itinerary. Why create unnecessary stress? That stress can lead to debilitating fear, which forces stagnancy in your ideas and thoughts, which creates doubt. Doubt makes you think that acquiring your dream job cannot happen. So now you’re back to square one. Start your journey with goals.

  1. Remember, Success Takes Time

True success does not come with a set schedule. Working a certain job for a certain amount of time is not a guarantee of success. It’s important to remember that reaching the goal of acquiring your dream job does not come with a set timeline.

People who get frustrated three months in to a new career because they feel that things aren’t moving fast enough need to be patient and understand that success will not happen overnight. Some businesses have slower paces than others, and a delay in success does not certainly equate to a sign you should focus on a different goal.

British novelist J. K. Rowling, author of the best-selling book series in history, is just one example of someone who acquired their dream job without regard to a timetable. When she wrote her first Harry Potter book, she was a depressed single mother on welfare. That book was rejected by 12 publishing houses before she signed a deal. Even then, she was advised to get a conventional job, because she would never make enough money as an author of children’s books. Though the odds were against her, she refused to let go of her dream of becoming a successful published successful author.

  1. Work Around Obstacles

If you feel like you have obstacles standing between you and your dream job, it will certainly help you to type or write out what those obstacles are. This will give you new perspective on ways to work around those concerns or to eliminate what you can that may be in your way.

It’s common for us to enumerate all the reasons why the dream is only a dream. Jotting down what is standing in your way is a simple way to help you shift the focus away from the problems and focus instead on the solutions to attaining that dream.

  1. Don’t Dismiss Actual Concerns

There may be some larger issues standing between you and your dream. You will need to consider how much you would actually be willing to sacrifice to land your dream job. Here are some examples of actual concerns you may need to consider when you want to follow your dream:

  • Will it be possible for you to uproot yourself and move to a new place?
  • Do you have children that would be leaving friends and their school behind to enable you to follow your dream?
  • Will your spouse be willing to support the changes?
  • Can you both meet the expectations of life and follow your dream at the same time?
  • Do you have the educational background you need? If not, could you easily attain it?
  • Do you have an actual, concrete game plan, or is this all just an unrealistic fantasy?
  1. Take Specific Action

Now it’s time to move past the consideration stage of this process and actually take the steps to do something to make this all happen. You will eventually need to move past just thinking about how important this job is to you, and start doing what it will take to make it happen. Create a foundation for your steps, and let the energy of your higher self flow and energize you. You will be filled with sources and ideas to help land you closer and closer to where you’re wanting to be.

  1. Trust and Believe

Your own choices and thoughts will propel every step you will take in the direction of your dream job. Jesus said that those who believe without seeing are blessed. You will need to exercise belief and trust as you work make your dream come to fruition. Throughout this process you will need faith, patience, assertiveness and resources. Don’t hesitate to dream big!


  1. What a profoundly insightful article! The emphasis on setting achievable goals and maintaining patience truly resonated with me. J.K. Rowling’s journey is a testament to the fact that unwavering determination and belief in one’s dreams can transcend the most daunting obstacles. The practical advice on jotting down obstacles and focusing on actionable steps is incredibly empowering. Kudos to the author for offering such invaluable guidance!

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  3. The article provides a comprehensive guide for those looking to achieve their dream job. Setting realistic goals and understanding that success takes time are crucial elements that many overlook. The advice to write down obstacles is particularly valuable as it allows for a structured approach to problem-solving.

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