Knowing if You are a Starseed

Knowing if You are a Starseed

A Starseed is someone that is like a warrior but is full of wisdom and consciousness. They have strong spirituality, and they live with a high vibration in their life. These people have a hard time being around others that do not have high vibrations.

Most people that are cosmic babies are star seeds. They are born with a mission and their DNA tells them that they are smarter, sensitive and less understanding of the things that happen on the earth than others. Their life will be amazing, and their vibrations will be so high that they will have a chance to love themselves and others like nothing else.

The Starseed will hate being around someone that has low vibrations and these kinds of relationships for them are toxic. They care about their life and being around people that share the same ideas and values that they do, and they are successful, just not always.

Do you want to know if you are a cosmic Starseed? Here are some signs that you can use to find out:


You know that you have a purpose in your life, and you do not waste time. You will always ask yourself what kind of purpose you have and the meaning of life, without looking to other things besides your soul.


Chances are that you will want to go “home” because you feel that you are not in a place where you should be. You will do whatever you can to complete your mission so that you can satisfy your desires.


You will be a suffering soul because you will be an empath and pick up the emotions and feelings of those around you and the area.


Awareness will be part of your personality. You will be aware of where you are and who you are with. You will automatically know what people are about and when someone comes in that has low vibrations, it will change your mood and shift your feelings.

This can cause you to have social anxiety and stress.


Having a strong memory will be one of your traits, it will be like you have a photogenic memory. You will learn things fast and be interested in things such as history and physics. You will be very creative.


You will want to do things fast and you will not limit yourself. You will do things that need to be done and you will do this with class.

Problem Solver

A Starseed wants to solve all the problems and if you are in a relationship, you will make sure that you are fixing it and giving information to make it feel better.


Disappointments will cause you extreme pain and you will hate to be bored. You will love things like nature and bugs, and you will want to do things such as go on a picnic or find things that inspire you.


You will wear sweaters in the summer and tanks in the winter. You will feel cooler than those around you and then hotter than those around you and you aren’t really sure why.

Single Child

Chances are that you were an only child and that you always felt out of place at school and special events because you always wanted to be alone.

You were sometimes mistreated by other kids because you were considered odd or strange.

Animals and Kids

You love animals and kids, and they love you!  When you walk in a room you will have every creature come to see you and want to be with you.


Chances are that you have had some traumas happen to you that made you stronger. You will incarnate into different things and you will be mentally prepared for the work that lays ahead of you. You will do what you can even if you have ancestral karma that is hard.


You will live mystical things such as aliens and UFO’s and you will have visions and dreams.

What to do If You Are a Starseed

If you are a Starseed it means that you have intentions to make things better. It means that you want to have different routines than others and you want to figure out how to reach your mission.

Tell the world that you are a Starseed and do not be ashamed. Find other cosmic people and befriend them and learn from them. Talk to them and tell them what you are going through.

Imagine what you want to be and do not let anything hold you back. Believe in yourself and talk yourself into knowing what you need to do. Feel and act like a Starseed.

Make sure you are responsible for who you are and how you live. Talk about your spiritual freedom and what you believe and why. Act by what you believe and if others do not like it, move on, and let it go.

Take ownership of who you are and focus on your energies and figure out your purpose in the universe.


Establish a lifestyle such as keeping your vibrations high, get rid of spiritual blocks and stay committed to your purpose.

Be proactive in your life and make a choice to get rid of your daily habits and routines and to do something better. Instead of watching television, maybe you want to write in your diary or say positive affirmations.

Figure out what you want to be and what you want your life to feel like and look deep inside.

Once you get past all of the negativity and garbage in your life, you will see that you have all the capacity in the world to do what you want. Establish smart routines in your life.

Claim It

A low vibration is something negative that comes into your life. Do not justify these things but get rid of them. Learn about your motivation and drama and do not let drama manifest with you. Get rid of your victim complex and your low-self esteem and let it go.

Just because you are born from a star does not mean that you are not awakened. You need to stay away from bad drama and make sure you are healed. You were created to learn and be your higher and better self.

Get rid of low vibrational drama and heal. If you need to, talk to a psychic to help you heal. Figure out where you are stuck and then let your life shine.

Activate Your Star Self

Here are some things you can do to let your Star self-shine:

  • If you are witchy feeling, you may be a witch.
  • Know what you want.
  • Look for videos or blogs to read on Starseed.
  • Allow yourself to be awakened.
  • Read inspirational things.
  • Get rid of negativity.
  • Find out what planet you were born from.
  • Come out of your normal self and reach for the stars.


  1. A truly compelling read! The concept of Starseeds is beautifully articulated here, touching on various profound aspects of spirituality and consciousness. The detailed traits and characteristics provided serve as an excellent self-diagnostic tool for those who feel they might be a Starseed. The advice on embracing one’s mission and staying committed to high vibrations is particularly inspiring. This piece serves as a beacon for those on their spiritual paths, encouraging them to embrace their uniqueness and seek deeper understanding. A refreshing and uplifting article!

  2. This article is truly enlightening and resonates deeply with me. It offers such a profound and detailed insight into the characteristics of a Starseed, which I find both fascinating and empowering. The emphasis on high vibrations, purpose, and spiritual freedom provides a clear path for those who believe they might be Starseeds to navigate their spiritual journey. It’s wonderful to see such a comprehensive guide that encourages self-awareness and personal growth. Absolutely thought-provoking and inspiring!

  3. While the Starseed concept is compelling, it raises several questions about the nature of identity and interstellar origins. It might be beneficial to critically evaluate these ideas within the context of existing scientific knowledge.

  4. This article presents an intriguing perspective on human potential and spiritual identity. The idea that certain individuals may feel out of place or have distinct traits could be explored further for psychological insight.

  5. The qualities attributed to Starseeds, such as strong memory and problem-solving skills, are traits that many successful individuals possess. However, attributing them to cosmic origins rather than psychological or genetic factors might require more substantiation.

  6. The notion of Starseeds highlights the human desire for meaningful purpose and connection. Regardless of one’s belief in cosmic origins, the article encourages introspection and self-improvement, which are universally beneficial.

  7. The concept of Starseeds is quite fascinating. It appears to blend elements of spirituality, psychology, and a touch of science fiction. The emphasis on high vibrations and empathy aligns with various spiritual traditions that value intuition and consciousness.