How to Use Your Gift of Telepathy

How to Use Your Gift of Telepathy

Wouldn’t you love to know what someone was feeling or saying in their mind, even if they were far away from you? Or, what if you were playing cards and you were able to read your opponents cards? Being able to do this kind of reading with your mind is called telepathy.

Telepathy means that you pick up on the thoughts and feelings of others without using your five senses. Some people believe in telepathy and others do not but with this guide you can learn more about it.

What is Telepathy?

Telepathy is being able to get messages and hear the feelings and thoughts of someone else without actually hearing them or talking to them.

Telepathy is a psychic gift and is one that people overlook often because they do not believe it can be real. Since telepathy cannot be scientifically tested, many people do not believe that it is real or that it exists.

For those people that do believe in telepathy will tell you that it really works. Telepathy works through energy and everything around you is made up of energy. The energy is something we cannot see but we use the energy without using our physical sense of hearing, smelling, tasting, touching, and seeing.

The person that is getting the message is the person that is telepathic but for it to work, both people have to have this gift. Some people are prone to having this gift such as twin flame relationships.

Can People Learn Telepathy?

Yes. People can learn to use this psychic gift. Everyone is born with psychic gifts and it is up to them to activate these gifts and develop them. Because we have learned to send and get messages without using the five senses, if this isn’t working for you then it means something is blocked in your spiritual life.

When you work on your psychic gift such as telepathy, you can use it as a gift that will help you. Some schools and religious places have told you not to use telepathy and so the gifts have been put on the back burner for many.

Everyone is born with psychic gifts and they are also born with their five senses. They can learn to use telepathy instead of always focusing on these abilities.

Developing Telepathy

If you have a desire to increase your telepathic gift, you can learn to do it. You can learn to practice. This is a type of mind reading that might seem like you cannot ever have this gift, but you can actually learn it.

Here are some steps to practice telepathy and learning to develop it:


With any ESP gift or psychic gift, you have to learn to harness the powers inside. You can do this by focusing your mind on your powers.

You have to keep your mind clear and not be distracted. Here are some things you can do to keep your mind calm:


Yoga is more than an exercise, but it is a way that you can loosen up your mind and learn to relax.


Meditation is calming your mind. Find a quiet place to sit and concentrate on your spiritual being. Do not be somewhere that you will be distracted such as a noisy place or a place with a lot of lights. Learn to clear your mind and let your thoughts come to you.

When you learn to let your mind stop being distracted, you will open up your conscious mind and learn to get messages that are energy.


You can use your imagination to read the messages of friends or loved ones. Have one of your friends sit close to where you are and let them be a place where you do not see them.

Clear your mind and try to send them a message. Since this is the first time you have practiced this, start with a simple image or word to send to the other person.

Here is what to do:

  • Imagine the person you are trying to talk to and concentrate on each detail of their body.
  • Visualize the image that you want to send them and imagine every detail of it such as how it smells, feels, and sounds like.
  • Send the message to your friend and see if they receive your image.
  • Ask them to write down the message that they get from you.
  • Once your message is sent, go to the room that your friend is in and see if they were right.


Do not get frustrated if you do not succeed at first. Learn to practice and take time to really understand your gift. You have to believe in yourself and learn to practice more until you get the gift down.

You can practice like this:

  • Find a friend.
  • Get a deck of cards and practice guessing the cards with your friend.
  • Stay in one room and let your friend go to another room.
  • Pick a card out of the deck and clear your mind and send the message to your friend.
  • See if you were right and were able to send the message.
  • If you don’t have a deck of cards you can draw a picture instead.

Keep a journal of all of the practices that you have done. This is one way that you can see your progress. Check the images that you sent and the messages and see how they compare.

Is it Real?

Telepathy is something that only a few people are good at. People can send signals to other people and help them to be able to receive messages as well.

Telepathy has been criticized for years because there is not real evidence to prove that it is true. Some psychic research says that telepathy is real and that anyone can use telepathy if they believe. This is something that the universe gives you and can help you to improve on your giftings.

Telepathy is not something that can be proven scientifically but it is something that is real. Learn to read other peoples minds and practice if you want to have this gift.


  1. A very enlightening piece! Your detailed description of telepathy and the methods to hone this psychic gift offer a compelling read. The scientific skepticism is well acknowledged, yet the article encourages a curious and experimental approach to discovering one’s potential. The practical tips, especially the emphasis on mental clarity and practices like yoga and meditation, are invaluable. It’s rare to find such a balanced and thoughtful exploration of telepathy, and it certainly inspires one to delve deeper into the mysteries of the mind.

  2. This article on telepathy is absolutely fascinating! It provides a comprehensive guide that balances both skepticism and belief, enabling readers to explore this intriguing psychic phenomenon with an open mind. The step-by-step instructions on how to develop telepathic skills, coupled with practical exercises like yoga and meditation, make it accessible even to beginners. It’s refreshing to see a balanced perspective on such a controversial topic, and I’m genuinely excited to try out some of the techniques mentioned.

  3. The notion that everyone is born with latent psychic abilities is quite thought-provoking. It challenges conventional understanding and opens up discussions about the potential capabilities of the human mind.

  4. The emphasis on practice and belief in oneself as key components of developing telepathy is noteworthy. While empirical support is lacking, the subjective experiences of individuals who claim to possess this ability cannot be completely dismissed.