How to Get Into A TRANCE

How to Get Into A TRANCE

One of the oldest and most primal of the metaphysical states is the trance states.

For hundreds of years, mankind has used different ways to ways to contact the spirit world.  From ancient shaman to other spiritual leaders, tapping into the trance state is away to understand the hidden secrets of our souls.

Nowadays other religions from Christianity to Hinduism use levels of trance states to help the devoted connected with the Divine.  Regardless of what you believe, a trance state is something to consider.

The trance state is a way to alter your consciousness. During this state, a person is not awake nor are they asleep. The trance state allows you to move between the world of the conscious and subconscious.

Levels of Altered States

You may be asking yourself how deeply do you have to go into your trance to really do good work.

First you should know the different levels of the trance state:

1) The Light Trance

The light trance is simply becoming more attuned to what you are feeling inside. You are more mindful of your thought and feelings. If you regularly practice meditation, you are familiar with a light trance.

2) Second level light trance

This is a more dreamlike state. It as time when you find yourself drifting into an almost dream like state. If you have ever been absorbed into a book or movie you have experienced a second level light trance.

3) Medium Trance

This state is similar to what is known as a “runner’s high”. It can be called being in the zone. In this state you will become completely relaxed  In this stage you can feel yourself become detached from reality consciousness, it is common to lose awareness of the real world.

4) Medium Trance

This  level happens in the area between awake and asleep. occurs when we fall into a light and regular sleep states. If you have every caught yourself before you fell deeply to sleep, you know this feeling.

5) Deep Trance

A deep trance involves the complete loss of connection to the outside world.  It is very similar to sleep.

How to use trance states:

The best trance state for spiritual change is the light or medium state.

Going into a trance state helps one move past the criticism that the conscious mind presents.  The conscious and rational mind is a natural enemy of the unconscious state.  Yet the areas that need to be repaired are almost always in the unconscious areas of our mind.

Our conscious minds protect us, but it is this defensiveness that can keep up ups locked into old habits.  The conscious mind has kept guard and stopped us from changing our old habits.  But this ingrained defense mechanism can keep us from evolving past our old pain.

The trance state allows us to help the parts of our selves that have been hidden through self-preservation.

How to enter a trance state?

a) Breath work

Altering the pace and rhythm of your breathing can help you enter a trance state. The type of breath work you can do in a yoga is a good way to practice breath work. This will help achieve a trancelike state.

Another way to reach a trance state with breathing is called holotropic breathing. It involves rapid and rhythmic breathing. This is not as safe as othr breath work and should be not be taking lightly as it may cause problems if you have blood pressure issues.

b) Mantra and Prayer

Repeating a phrase or mantra is a way to go into trance state. Many Holy Men have used this to reach a calm, trance like state.  Prayer is also a way to to alter your consciousness.

c) Rhythm and Beats

Creating and/or listening to a primal beat can help you slip into a trance state.  you may be familiar with the sounds of drum beats and spiritual rhythms. Many people can find help with their trance state by listening to music.  Binauarl beats are easily found on the internet and are great for working with your subconscious.

d) Self-Hypnosis

Tshis method is has a bad reputation. This may be because it seems cliche due to the trope of the stage performer or hypnosis for entertainment. It is a little known fact that true, legitimate hypnosis is safe.  On some level, you are always in control of yourself.

There are ways to lull yourself into  a trace. This is actually fairly easy if you focus and relax.

e) Stare

This is simple. Find a quiet place and stare at a fixed point. As you hold your gaze, be aware of your surroundings . Try to see everything and the point at the same time.

f) Use a pendulum

This is also a good way to go into a trance. You can use anything as a pendulum. It can be as simple as a washer on a string or as complex as a piece of jewelry on a chain.

Get into a quiet place and focus on the gentle swing of the pendulum. If you focus and allow yourself to quiet, you should be able to achieve a trance state in 5 to 10 minutes.