Herbs to Enhance Psychic Abilities

Herbs to Enhance Psychic Abilities

Over the centuries, people have used herbs to enhance and maintain physical and mental wellbeing, as well as connect people with individual psychic abilities. People have used different herbs to bring on prophetic dreams, enhance past life memories, or connect to clair-abilities. Everyone has the ability to tap into individual powers and intuitions. Herbs allow for this in numerous ways that include smudging, herbal teas, cooking, and even essential oils. Even wearing certain herbs can be helpful. As herbal energy grows in demand, it is important to be aware of top herbs that can enhance psychic awareness.


Mudwort is a protective herb for travelers. Protecting from sunstroke, fatigue, evil spirits, and even wild animals, mugwort does it all. Used in a tea or in a pillow, mugwort brings prophetic dreams and allows for connection to the astral realm. Burning mugwort or drinking it can also help in scrying or it can be smoked for astral projection.

It has been said that rubbing mugwort leaves on the body can keep ghosts away and wearing them can keep away dreams of the dead. Associated with the Taurus and Libra signs, the bitter herb is sometimes used in beer. It has also been used to regulate a woman’s menstrual cycle when needed.

Blue Lotus

The beautiful blue lotus flower offers a mild tranquility and euphoria, with altered awareness. It is often combined with wine to bring on the social aspects of the euphoria. Taken alone, blue lotus enhances introspective practices while aiding in aspiration and devotion. Known to open the root chakra all the way to the crown chakra, enlightenment is enriched as are purity, knowledge, and serenity. Spiritual awakening and faithfulness may also be increased. Blue lotus can be smoked alone or with marijuana and has been respected for centuries as an ancestral flower.


The effects of frankincense can be felt immediately and was used in ancient Egypt to release the soul from the body in ceremonies that were considered spiritual. The frankincense was said to facilitate the connection with the spirit and raise the level of consciousness. As the body is being released, frankincense brings protection and strength. For spiritual and physical weakness, frankincense was used internally.


Cinnamon has long been a favorite for enhancing intentional energy. Enabling the clair-senses, cinnamon connects us with our intuition and deep emotions. This means it can be used to stimulate visions, add focus, or promote healing. Cinnamon has been used to open the root chakra so connection with guides is possible, but can also be used for energy cleansing in the home.


Patchouli has a distinct smell that is well known for both spiritual and medicinal purposes. A member of the mint family, patchouli assists with past life memories and increases energy at the sensory levels. This causes the spiritual self to drop into the physical body and slow down time perception. Also commonly used for balancing or cleansing chakras, the user can be left in an energetic bliss.

Dozens of other herbs and oils are available for enhancement of psychic abilities. If the above are not of your taste, try rosemary, lavender, honey suckle, lemon grass, ginger, or even anise to meet your needs.


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