Healing a Broken Heart

Healing a Broken Heart

Relationships can be amazing and can help us to feel like we are found when we felt lost but when we lose the person we love or we break up with them, we might have all of those emotions of being alone and lonely to come back to us.

Chances are, we will seek something that will distract us such as working late, a rebound relationship or even just a way to drown out the pain we feel in our heart.

Yoga can teach us that we can get rid of the stress and pain in our lives so that we can allow ourselves to feel what we are going through and to heal.

Meditating can help to heal a heart that is broken by allowing us to be aware of the pain that we are feeling. It can bring us calmness and peace and help us to rid our hearts of anxiety. Whatever kind of stress you are feeling that makes you uncomfortable, yoga can help.


The chakras are part of our bodies and the heart chakra is the center or the Anahita chakra. This is where you can use yoga to help balance your heart center. This can help you if your heart is broken and if you have pain or sorrow in your heart.


If your heart is broken, sit in a crossed leg position or in a chair and align your trunk with your neck and head. When sitting in a chair, put your knees above your ankles and put your shoulders up with your elbows under them.

Sitting crossed leg on the floor, have a blanket under you and a cushion and put your sit bones under you so that you can lengthen the spine. Put your palms up on your thighs and then put them in a position down from your collar bone.

Close your eyes and pay attention to what is going on around you. Focus on your environment and your body and see if you can tell what temperature it is, how the air feels on your skin and relax. Allow only the chair to hold you and relax all of your bones and muscles.

Pay attention to your breathing and think about how your breathing is coming in and going out. Think about our emotions and allow yourself to feel whatever is happening to your body. Stop breathing quickly and slow down your breath and let this calm you. Soften your breathing and continue it, breathing deeply.

As your breathing relaxes, let your mind relax and imagine that your breath is so strong that it can cover your whole body. As it does, let your spine align with the rest of your body and imagine your sitting bones going upward. Be gentle and notice how the breath is cool when it enters and warmer when it leaves.

Be aware of your breathing as you inhale and exhale and allow the energy to come in as you breathe in. Let the negativity leave your body when you breathe out.

Be aware of your breathing and notice how your body goes up and down as you breathe and imagine the breath going into your heart center. Imagine light entering your heart and allowing your heart to get bigger. Let the awareness fill you.

Pay attention to our heart and the space around it. Know that your heart is limitless and the space around it is also limitless. Allow the organs to feel the energy coming into them as you breathe in and out.

Is your heart broken? Who does your heart belong to? Why is your heart broken?  Allow yourself to begin to feel compassionate for those that you know. Allow love to fill you and let it go to your heart center.

Be aware of how broken you are at the moment and what your heart is feeling. Allow yourself to feel your broken heart. Let your air expand your heart and pay attention to what your heart is feeling.

Keep the light in your heart and draw attention to the space around your heart. Let your mind think on thoughts and feelings of your heart. Be aware of what you are feeling.

Stay seated as long as you are imagining your heart and resting. After a while, your breath will get deeper and your eyes will become softer and then rest your head in your palms. Allow your head to rest in your palms so that your head can support your mind.

Let yourself be supported because this allows your head to be filled with your breath and to be lighter. When you are ready, open your eyes and see how dark your eyes are because of your palms and then slowly remove your hands.

Sit and pay attention to what this made you feel. See how gentle and deep you feel within yourself. Free yourself from the pain that you are feeling and let goodness flow from your mind.

Learn to be thankful that you were able to do this practice and do it each time you have feelings of sadness or sorrow.