I must admit I have seen it all when it comes to psychic readings. During this time, I learned a lot and it helped me as a reader and helped me understand and accept the life process. So when I say psychic hygiene, it actually has nothing to do with clearing your energy or getting rid of stuck spirits, it’s related to more of being a great receiver, possessing a great reading mind.

Tips for healthy readings:

  1. Stick only to what makes sense to you

Readings are not meant to make you feel bad about yourself or as a punishment. For me, I usually get a lot of positive issues with only a little percentage of negative energy. I find myself focusing on the negative stuff and forget about the numerous good stuff that came out as well. Learn to note down the positive stuff and use it to create optimistic energy around yourself. Focus on them and you will never have a dull moment.

I had a  discussion with an astrologer after a reading that had a lot of dark energy. She advises was that a reading should be uplifting. Get rid of it if it has things that do not please you. When you encounter these hurdles, it’s just a reminder to keep pushing yourself harder but go easy on them. In case you’re undecided, get rid of them and show yourself some love.

  1. Seek for the inner meaning and don’t take things literally

One medium was very specific during one of my readings. She had a message from my grandmother “ you are destined to be an actress. This healing thing you do is not good for you”. He also talked about a man coming into my life and be my partner.

So I decided it was acting, and threw all my energy into it. I felt really great for the next few weeks but later ran out of energy for it.

Well, the reading was important and probably got me to my current position, despite the fact that none of that happened. During my obsession with acting, I reconcile with a lot of people that I wasn’t in good terms with. I opened up myself to more opportunities.

Concerning the man, I later came to realize that it wasn’t really a  “man”, but the idea made me feel worthy and gave me a belief that I could be with someone better. The reading pushed me forward into a  new phase.

I had to forget about the exact details from the reading to create space for this next phase.

So never interpret readings literally, try to dig deeper and see I there am a hidden meaning.

  1. Focus on matters at hand

Always remember that reading will be about your current state, not your future. If you change your current situation, your future may be affected as well.

I was getting a tarot reading from a dear companion that illuminates this rule. The main cards in the spread opened up a discussion among us about my work as a healer. The following 30 minutes of the reading turned into a meeting to generate new ideas about what I offer and what I do, and areas where I could feel more dynamic, and spots where I could move. This discourse was not “in the cards,” however the cards enlivened this. When we completed this bit of the discussion, the reader said “well, the other cards are not your cards anymore. this reading would have finished with you being stuck, However, you balanced your vibration and now you’re on an alternate path.”

We actually changed my destiny through the span of this reading! This is the reason it’s essential to think about this as a reading of your present. It’s not about fortune or foretelling, it’s tied in with finding for some hidden meaning on the current page of the book of life, and after that urging you to pick your own experience.

  1. Look for the right psychic

Just remember that whoever reads you will have some weaknesses as well. No one is perfect. So it’s your duty to find out a clear-minded, genuine and focused reader. A good reader will deliver a reading of wisdom and love. Spirits are always concerned about you. In short, both the reading and the reader should leave you feeling love and peace.

  1. Consider being your own clairvoyant

To sum it all up, you must be a psychic for yourself. Everyone comes to life with all the psychic senses (hear, feel, see, know) and has the chance to master them. But again, we practice these every time, when we make life-changing decisions. Allowing yourself to make mistakes is probably the best clairvoyant hygiene you can practice. Accept the fact that you’re trying your best and its good enough. Trust yourself and ask your body when faced with difficult challenges.

In short, the most viable way to develop a great future is to enjoy the present and everything it has to offer you. Throw away those readings that hold you back and discover new ways to enjoy life as it unfolds.


  1. What a compelling and insightful piece! The notion of ‘psychic hygiene’ and how it pertains to being a receptive and positive-minded individual truly stands out. The advice on seeking inner meaning and focusing on the present aligns perfectly with my own experiences. I also found the point about being one’s own clairvoyant particularly empowering. We all have the potential to tap into our psychic senses if we trust ourselves. This article is a treasure trove of wisdom for anyone exploring the world of psychic readings.

  2. This article has truly resonated with me on multiple levels. The emphasis on focusing on the positive aspects of readings and understanding the deeper meanings rather than taking things literally is a refreshing approach. It not only empowers individuals to seek clarity but also to grow and evolve through the process. I appreciate the reminder that psychic readings should be uplifting and encouraging, and that we should always strive to be our own best guides. Fantastic insights!

  3. Focusing on the present rather than worrying about the future resonates with me. It reminds me of mindfulness practices that encourage living in the moment. This seems to be a practical approach to interpreting psychic readings.

  4. The concept of psychic hygiene as a means to become a better receiver is interesting. It shifts the focus from merely cleansing energy to enhancing one’s ability to interpret and act on readings positively.

  5. I appreciate the idea of being your own clairvoyant. Developing one’s psychic senses and trusting oneself aligns with the broader concept of self-empowerment. This can be particularly beneficial in making life decisions.

  6. The advice to choose a clear-minded and genuine reader is valuable. It underscores the importance of discernment in seeking psychic guidance. Not all readers may have the same level of insight or integrity.

  7. The emphasis on not taking readings literally is insightful. It’s crucial to derive deeper meanings from these readings rather than sticking to superficial interpretations. This advice can really help in having a more balanced perspective on life.