Getting Space and Peace in Your Relationship

Getting Space and Peace in Your Relationship

You more than likely love your partner, but you also have times where you are struggling in your relationship. Do you feel that you get into fights over things that are pointless or that you feel that your partner isn’t helping you make important decisions?

There are signs that you might not be getting the attention that you need from your partner, and this can happen because you are not giving each other space. You have to have room for yourself, and your partner does to in order for things to be better.

Needing Space

No one wants to be in an unhealthy relationship, and no one wants to hear that their partner needs time away. But being in a good relationship has balance and this means that you spend time together, but you also spend times apart with friends and family. Time apart will help you to love each other more and help you to put the relationship in the right mindset.


If someone is possessive or clingy it can cause them to feel that they need to have time alone. If you are always texting or calling, it can cause the partner to be irritated and to need space.


When you find that you are fighting more than normal, this can mean you are together too much, and you need to have time alone. Your partner needs to be able to focus on their life outside of you or this can cause anger issues.


Being together too much can cause your partner to be annoyed at you. This can cause you to look like you are nagging or irritating them, and it can cause them to stop talking to you.


People need to have a strong connection and when this connection is off, your partner might need some space.

Giving Your Partner Space

  • If your partner tells you that they need some space from you it can either mean that there are problems that are happening in the relationship or that they need to figure out some things in their life.

The great thing is that this can be fixed, and you can do this without the relationship ending. Taking a break is a way to balance the relationship.

How to Have Good Space in a Relationship:

  • Don’t take it personal if they ask you for space. Let them be honest with you at all times and know that some people need to have a break from you sometimes.
  • Do not call or text them during this space because you don’t want to trigger them to be aggravated. Let them text you first if they want to talk.
  • Find friends and family members that you haven’t seen for a while and spend time with them while you are getting a break. Let your relationships grow.
  • Have goals set for yourself and go out and work them out so that you can reach them.
  • Encourage your partner to find new things such as fun hobbies or places to visit.

Good and Bad About Space in a Relationship

There should always be compromise but when you feel that your partner wants to leave you for a week right after you have a child, this is an expectation that is selfish of them.

Having space in a relationship can make the relationship stronger but it should be to make the relationship better and not for selfish reasons.

Pros of Having Space

  • When you have space, you can take time to focus on what you want to do in your life and to find new hobbies. This gives you a chance to not be so busy in love.
  • You can progress your life and your health such as catching up at the gym or getting more sleep.
  • You will see how important that your time with your partner is and they will enjoy spending more time with you.

Cons of Having Space

  • Giving too much space can make your partner feel that you don’t love them anymore.
  • It can cause you to lose trust for each other.
  • It can be harder to get the connection strong again.

Right Amount of Space

Make sure that you are giving your partner the right amount of space to make the relationship stronger. You need to focus on love and being happy and let there be goodness in your relationship. You need to have your own identity but to be together at the same time.


  1. This article eloquently underscores the necessity for balance in a relationship. As someone who has delved into psychological literature, I can attest to the importance of personal space for mental well-being. The juxtaposition of being together and spending time apart is crucial for sustaining a healthy relationship. When executed correctly, it not only nurtures individual growth but also strengthens the bond between partners.

  2. I found this piece incredibly insightful and well-articulated. The emphasis on not taking requests for space personally is a nuanced point that many overlook. With a background in relationship counseling, I can affirm that the strategies highlighted, such as engaging with friends and nurturing one’s own interests, are pivotal in fostering a strong, balanced partnership. This article serves as an excellent guide for those aiming to enhance their relational dynamics.

  3. The notion that space can help renew appreciation for a partner is compelling. However, it’s important to note that each relationship is unique, and the right amount of space can vary widely between couples.

  4. The advice about not taking it personally when a partner asks for space is valuable. It can be very easy to misinterpret such requests, but understanding the underlying needs can foster a more supportive relationship.

  5. This article highlights an essential aspect of relationships that is often overlooked. It’s crucial to strike a balance between togetherness and personal space to maintain a healthy connection with your partner.

  6. While the pros and cons of having space are well-outlined, the article might benefit from further discussion on how to navigate the re-connection process after a period of space. This is often a challenging transition.