Do You Want to Improve Your Intuition? Here’s How!

Do You Want to Improve Your Intuition? Here’s How!

With Halloween quickly approaching, do you find that you are connecting more with mystical beings than normal? Do you find that the October holidays get you excited about your own gifts such as your intuition?

It is important that you are aware of your intuition and your abilities that you have. Everyone is born with psychic abilities, just not everyone knows how to use them or what to do with them. Intuition can come as the form of a gut feeling and when you are thinking about things in your life such as your relationships or your jobs, chances are you are using your intuition.

Your intuition will guide you and make you feel aware of what is around you, without having a real reason why. You need to learn to be aware of what your spirit is telling you and make a decision to put effort into listening to it. Learn to relax and be open minded and pay attention to what you are feeling and why.

There are some ways that you can increase your intuition and here are some things that you have to use:

  • Patience
  • Openness
  • Time
  • Awareness

Gut Feeling

Your intuition is there to guide you and to lead you. You have instinct that are generally right and if you learn to listen to it then you will always find that you make better decisions.

Many people choose to not listen to their gut feeling and they end up in situations that cause them harm, sickness, pain or more. Maybe you need to make changes in your life and learn to take your intuition more seriously and learn to develop your psychic giftings better. One of the easiest ways to open up your psychic giftings is to practice.

Everyone can develop their own giftings because intuition is strong within everyone. But if you want to be a psychic, you have to work harder and practice more. Being a psychic is not a guessing game and you are either going to increase your powers or you will never be able to do the job that the universe gave you.

There will be times of course where you come up with things that you have no idea about. This can be like shooting an arrow in the night. You will find signs that will lead you to the truth, but the real work is to practice and to get better at what gifts you have.

Everyone can be a psychic but not everyone can be a good psychic.


Learn to be unique in your gifting. If you are good at Tarot cards, practice those or if you are good at crystal ball reading, practice that. You will have to increase your powers.

No one is going to have the same gifting as you do, and no one is going to experience what you experience. You can get information from the past, present and future and you will hear and see things that others might not. This can be different from person to person.

Some people are very young when they discover their giftings while there are others that are very old.

Be Ready

When you reach into the psychic realm, you have to be ready for anything. At first, you might not get any answers that you want, and you might not understand why practicing makes sense. The truth is, when you are receiving messages, they can become clear the more you practice. You can also get rid of negative energy and learn to communicate with the other side when you are practicing and have an open mind. Let things flow through you even when you don’t understand.


Have fun. Do not be a psychic because it pains you to be one but be one because you love it. Do not get upset with yourself if you do not pick up the gifting right away. Give yourself time and be patient. If you are struggling with things in your life, let go of it and reconsider why you are doing what you are doing.

Being a psychic is a natural part of who you are, and you have to learn to enjoy it and be one with it.