Astral Projection

Astral Projection

When you experience astral projection, it means you have an out-of-body experience.  This can happen with people when they are ill or when they have been in a near death experience.


When you want to try to practice astral projection, before you go to sleep, try to connect to what you are trying to do.  Get in deep relaxation and be comfortable.  Lay in the bed or on the couch and rest your mind.

It is easier to experience this if you do it alone.  If you sleep beside someone, this can be hard, and it is better to try to do it alone.  Make sure the room is dark and there are no noises that will distract you.

Lay down and relax on your back and concentrate on how you feel.  Flex your muscles and loosen them over and over again to make sure all of your muscles are relaxed.

Breathe deeply and focus on how you are breathing.  Relax.  Use a quartz crystal in the space that you are laying.  This can be a third eye and can help you to clear your mind and have better vibrations.  When you are meditating, astral traveling can help you when you are holding a crystal.  You might find yourself traveling with it.  Open your hand and look at it.

Moving Your Soul

Once you are in a hypnotic state, let your body and mind sleep but don’t let your body sleep.  This is a wakeful sleep.

Keep your eyes closed and let your mind wonder from your body.  Move some part of your body like your hand.

Focus on that body part until you can move it.  Use your mind to flex your body part and visualize curling your toes and clenching your fist.

Change your focus to other parts of your body.


Enter into a state of vibration and report these feelings.  They can come in different waves, don’t be afraid of them.  They might scare you at first but remember you are in a meditation stage.

Use your mind to move your soul and let your soul wonder around the room.  Get off the bed and walk around.  Your OBE will be successful when you can see your body sleeping from around the room.  This takes a lot of practice so don’t get frustrated.

Once you leave, go back to your body and re-enter it.  Try to get more consciousness.

Astral Plane

Confirm that your soul is away from your body.  The next time you practice, try to walk in the other room and look at objects that you have never noticed before.  Pay attention to all details.

Return to your body and go into the room that your body is in.  This can help you to transfer to other rooms.

Explore the areas further and see what you can touch and what you see.  Then, go back to your body.

Make sure that you understand what you are doing and that you have a good experience.  There will be no harm to you.  Once you get used t o doing this, you will get energies that you never experienced before.

There is a cord that cannot be broken, and you can always enter back into your body.  Some believe though, that demons are in this area and this can cause you to be afraid.  Protect yourself by making sure that you bless yourself before you go into astral projection.

Your soul can talk to others and it is possible that you can even heal each other through this because it is very powerful.  They might not physically be there, but you can go to their soul and ask for protection and healing power.  You might even see lights in your hands that are part of healing.  Always enjoy your journey.