Are You Clairvoyant? How to Know!

Are You Clairvoyant?

Are you someone that has seen spirits from a young age? If you are, chances are that you were born with a gift. Maybe you wake up at a certain time each night and you don’t know exactly what it is, but you have this feeling that you have a gift that you don’t understand.

Sometimes people are born, and they are sensitive to the spirit world around them. Some people will see this gift at a very young age. When you see things and hear things, chances are that this means you are clairvoyant.

Children as young as 5 can see their gift in action and this can happen because they are not analytical yet.

When you hear into the spirit world this is called clairaudience. When you have this gift, it can mean that you hear things, not with your ears but in your mind or you might hear voices talking to you or sounds. Sometimes people with this gift even hear music.

These gifts are called the clair gifts. There are more of them, but they can change who you are and make you spend a lot of time confused or awake when you should be sleeping.

This means that you are between two worlds, the physical world, and the spiritual world. This is when you are sensitive to picking up information and the information can wake you up at a strange hour and this is called a spiritual hour.

Someone that has psychic giftings are not different than anyone else, they just make their giftings stronger and more developed by meditating and being aware of their gifts.

If you want to build your gift and develop it strongly, you need to start paying attention to what is going on around you. Listen to the sounds that you hear that are small. Listen to people talking, music playing, birds chirping, children outside playing.

When you learn to listen to small sounds, it will make you more sensitive to the noises around you. Learn to listen with your ears and your spirit so that you can tune into the spirit world.

This gift is one that people often hand down from one generation to the next. Maybe your mom was born with this gifting or your grandparents. This can be a way that you can know and understand your gifting more.

If you are confused about your gift, you can try to find someone that can help you develop your gift and help you to open up to the spirit world. A psychic can help you with this or you can find someone that is close to you that you can trust with your gifting.

There are so many videos and podcasts that you can get online and look at that can help you to increase your giftings.

Learn to be sensitive to what is going on around you and learn to connect with the spirit world and let it connect with you.

Do not be afraid of your gifting and use your intuition to help guide you and show you the way.